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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Revolution is coming!!

*This article comes courtesy of Engadget.com*

"It wasn't much of a mystery, but Nintendo cleared it up anyways, with their prez Satoru Iwata confirming that their next-gen offering will grace our shores by Thanksgiving of this year. He managed to keep it vague, just saying that they didn't want to "miss out on the year-end sales battle," so the console will be released "prior to that period." Iwata also teased us on the price again, merely stating that it will be low, since "it's not going to sell if it's 50,000 yen ($434)." Real vote of confidence there, but since they've already stated the console will debut under $300, we'll let it slide."

I want this bad boy, as well as the PS3 when it comes out. The Xbox 360 just doesn't interest me as much as these other two. Of course, like with this generation, when all three are out, I will eventually buy them all. I am a collector like that, and I am a totally addicted gamer.

Viva games.

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