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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Game Review: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Today we are going to to take a look at Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time for the Nintendo DS. I got this game in a trade with a friend from cheapassgamer.com. I had heard it was a good game, and since I was looking to grow my rather weak NDS collection, I jumped at the opportunity to trade for it.

From the very first minute of play, I have loved this game. It is incredibly fun, in that way that only Mario & Luigi can be. Some people complain that Nintendo is milking this franchise to death, but as long as the games are fun, I say bring it on!

The game is, at it's core, a role-playing game. However, it is filled with action and adventure elements, so it really blurs the genre lines. The battles are turn-based, and resemble the typical RPG setup. And, you gain experience, and level up as in traditional RPGs. But, the similarities stop there. In the battles, you are required to use timed button presses to increase the damage of each attack, and to dodge the attacks of your enemies. If you are good, you can kill your enemies without ever being harmed. (Easier said than done, trust me!)

The game utilizes an interesting dynamic that really sets it apart from any other RPG I've ever played. You may have gathered from the game's title that there is some time-travel involved. The adult versions of Mario & Luigi go back in time, and meet up with their infantile counterparts. From that point on, all 4 of you travel and fight together. Mario carries baby Mario on his back, and Luigi carries baby Luigi on his. This team element really makes the battles interesting. The battles play out like this: Each player is assigned to one of the 4 buttons: X, Y, B, and A. When Mario goes to attack, you must press the button that is assigned to Baby Mario, and then the one for Adult Mario. The same goes for the Luigis. And then, there are the attack items. These involve timed button mashes, and all are fun and interesting to use.

So far, I've logged 7 hours with the game, and the end is nowhere in sight. I love that. In an RPG, I want a long and fulfilling experience. Thus far, I have found just that in this game. Highly recommended.


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